How can I find out if a product is available?
After selecting a product, go to the ‘product data sheet’ to verify its characteristics: code, name and article description, price, heel height, material, color and available sizes. Related products will also be highlighted. Availability may change as some products are restocked several times over the season. We recommend returning to our e-boutique to verify future availability.
What is an ‘iconic’ product?
Fragiacomo codes and timeless models are part of the brand’s DNA and have, over time, become part of the company’s history. Visit the dedicated page to discover our two icons; the buckle pumo and the velvet couture embroidery. Additional information and images are available on the product data sheet.
Can I still order a product if it is no longer available?
Only available products can be ordered. It is therefore impossible requesting them if not visible on fragiacomomilano.com
Availability may change as most products are frequently restocked. We recommend returning to our e-boutique to verify future availability. For further information, contact our Customer Care.
Why are some products listed as ‘pre-order’?
Some products can be pre-ordered and received before their actual store availability. These products are listed as ‘pre-order’. At the time of order, the date of availability will be shown and you will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as they are ready to be shipped.

All of our products have the European size that is indicated on the packaging as well as on the product card. To see which size corresponds to the local size, you could refer to this table.
Italia/Europa Francia USA UK Giappone Cina
34 35 4 1 21 21
34,5 35,5 21.5 21.5
35 36 5 2 22 22
35,5 36,5 22.5 22.5
36 37 6 3 23 23
36,5 37,5 23.5 23.5
37 38 7 4 24 24
37,5 38,5 24.5 24.5
38 39 8 5 25 25
38,5 39,5 25.5 25.5
39 40 9 6 26 26
39,5 40,5 26.5 26.5
40 41 10 7 27 27
40,5 41,5 10½ 27.5 27.5
41 42 11 8 28 28
41,5 42,5 11½ 28.5 28.5
42 43 12 9 29 29
42,5 43,5 12½ 29.5 29.5
Italia/Europa Francia USA UK Giappone Cina
37 38 7 4 24 24
37,5 38,5 24.5 24.5
38 39 8 5 25 25
38,5 39,5 25.5 25.5
39 40 9 6 26 26
39,5 40,5 26.5 26.5
40 41 10 7 27 27
40,5 41,5 10½ 27.5 27.5
41 42 11 8 28 28
41,5 42,5 11½ 28.5 28.5
42 43 12 9 29 29
42,5 43,5 12½ 29.5 29.5
43 44 13 10 30 30
43,5 44,5 13½ 10½ 30.5 30.5
44 45 14 11 31 31
44,5 45,5 14½ 11½ 31.5 31.5
45 46 15 12 32 32
45,5 46,5 15½ 12½ 32.5 32.5
46 47 16 13 33 33
47 48 16 14 34 34

How do I create an account?
You can purchase from fragiacomomilano.com without creating an account. You can also choose to activate an account by clicking on 'Your Account' and create your profile by filling out the registration form. Access to the restricted area is possible by inserting a personal password. Once completed the registration process you will receive a confirmation e-mail with your login details.
What are the benefits of having an account?
By registering on fragiacomomilano.com, you will be able to view and modify your information and addresses, finalize your purchases. You will also be able to view your order history, track your orders in real time, monitor shipping, and easily request a return. Your account will ensure access the latest news exclusive content. To reset you forgotten or lost password, click on FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD?.
Why should I save my addresses in my account’s address list?
Saving your billing and delivery addresses in your account’s address list will optimize your purchasing process. All you have to do is enter the delivery address directly from your address list, thus avoiding typing errors and allowing a better management of multiple delivery addresses, as well as saving the addresses of friends and family. You can save a new address in your address book on your personal account or, if you are already a registered user, directly from the shopping bag when entering a new order.
Is it possible to modify or cancel my account?
You can modify your registration information at any time, accessing the restricted area of your account. You can also cancel your account sending your request to our Customer Care.
How does the wishlist work?
Your wishlist allows you to save your favorite products and easily access them for a later purchase. Products added to your wishlist are not reserved. Once you have completed your selection, we suggest you finalize your order to ensure product availability.
Are the products on my wishlist being reserved?
Products in your wishlist cannot be reserved. Adding a product to your wishlist will only allow an easier and faster later purchase, if still available. We therefore suggest the finalization of your order as soon as you have completed your selection to ensure product availability.
Can I share my wishlist?
You can absolutely send and share with anyone your wishlist, and your favorite products, or those you wish to purchase. By clicking on the option in your wishlist and entering the email address of the person to share it with, you will automatically send the product list to the person who will have access to the site to view your favorite items and possibly buy them.

How do I purchase a product?
To buy a product you have to select it from the catalogue, select your size add it to your shopping bag. At this point, you can choose to continue browsing the site to purchase other products or directly proceed with the payment.
To buy more of the same products, you will simply need to update the quantity of items selcted in your shopping bag. If the requested quantity is unavailable, a warning will appear. If you have accidentally added a product, you can delete it with the appropriate link next to the product located on the first page of your shopping bag.
How do I finalize my order?
To complete an order you will need to carefully follow all the steps of the purchase procedure. Registering is not required to order. Follow the purchasing process, then select the payment method and proceed. For a details on accepted payment methods, please read the PAYMENTS & SECURITY section. Once completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your order.
In the case that two different users simultaneously purchase the same product, the availability of which is 1 single piece, one of the two purchases will be canceled. Cancelling one of 2 purchases will depend on the exact time of the transaction. We will refund you within 15 working days, using the same payment method with which the order was processed. The above timing is indicated and imposed by the payment manager used by Fragiacomomilano.com. The user who will have to give up the purchase will receive, along with the refund, a discount code on the next order.
Can I modify or delete a sent order?
Once you have completed your purchase, you will not be able to change its content. You can, however, request a return.
What are the estimated delivery times?
Orders will be dispatched within 48 hours from the date of their placement. Please note that fragiacomomilano.com will not deliver during weekends and Italian bank holidays.
Can I order the products as a gift?
At the moment it is not possible to place an order as a gift, nor include a custom message. Each product is shipped in its original packaging and carefully wrapped in a special shipping box. Each shipment will include a printable receipt indicating the price. In case the order is intended as a gift, we suggest sending it to your address and then deliver it in person.
Is it possible to buy a gift voucher?
Fragiacomomilano.com does not issue gift vouchers.
How do I place a pre-order?
A pre-order is the reservation of an upcoming product that is not yet available for purchase on the website. Each pre-ordered product will indicate the estimated date of shipping in the related product data sheet. If you place a mixed order of available products and preorder items, this will be dispatched at different times with one shipping charge for the whole order. If an order includes various pre-ordered products that are not available at the same time, they will be dispatched at different times with one shipping charge for the whole order. A pre-order product is displayed on the dedicated website page by clicking the ‘Pre-Order’ option. The product is placed in the cart. Once the procedure has been completed, the pre-order will be confirmed through e-mail. Cancellation of the pre-order can be made by contacting Customer Care anytime before receiving the email confirming the shipment of the product. Purchase of pre-order products can only be made by credit card. At the end of the purchase procedure, the customer will be required to verify the accuracy and validity of the entered data, which could be confirmed by a 1 (one) EUR / GPB / USD / HKD or 100 JPY payment authorization. This authorization does not entail an actual charge but temporarily suspends credit card availability of the sum of 1 (one) EUR / GPB / USD / HKD or 100 JPY.

Billing and payment
When and how do I receive the invoice or receipt of my order?
Each shipment includes a document summarizing the order, including the price. In case you will require an invoice, you must contact our Customer Care.
How can I pay my order?
Fragiacomomilano.com offers several different and entirely secure payment methods. Payment data is collected through the technologically advanced codification systems (SSL) and all transactions are conducted on our VeriSign certified server. You can choose to pay for your order by credit card or PayPal.
Which credit cards are accepted?
You can choose to pay your order by credit or debit card. All transactions are controlled and managed by PayPal. Accepted credit cards are VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS. All prepaid cards operating within the VISA ELECTRON circuit and payments via POSTEPAY are also accepted.
How does PayPal work?
PayPal is an additional completely secure online payment method that allows you to pay for your order by accessing directly your PayPal account. Your account information, and possibly your credit card, will be managed directly by PayPal, which will only provide us with an e-mail notification after the payment has been made.
When will the payment be charged on my credit card or on my PayPal account?
The payment will be immediately charged to confirm your order. You will receive an order confirmation email in which the payment method and the amount are also mentioned. The transaction will made to ‘Fragiacomo Shop’.
Can I pay by bank transfer?
We do not accept bank transfers. You can choose to pay by credit card or PayPal.

How can I pay my order?
Every order from fragiacomomilano.com is sent by express courier. Shipping time is from 3 to 5 working days.
How much does shipping cost?
The shipment is free and is always carried out by Send a Box, our logistics partner, via express courier. Call the Logistics Service for more information or support.
How can I track my delivery is at?
As soon as your order is entrusted to the courier you will receive an email confirming the shipping complete with the tracking number, through which you will be able to monitor your parcel and know the estimated delivery date.If you are registered you will be able to follow your order, as early as the preparation phase, directly from your account.
What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?
At the time of delivery a signature will be required. If no one is available at the listed address, the courier will leave a note with directions to schedule a new delivery date. There will be at most 2 delivery attempts, after which the package will be held at the courier’s warehouse). You can contact the Logistics Service for more information or support.
What should I do if I still haven’t received my order?
If the order has not been delivered within the scheduled time, we suggest:
- to verify the status of the order (if registered, by accessing your account or by clicking on the link you’ll receive in the shipping confirmation email)
- to verify the correctness of the shipping address
- if you have found a notice of attempted delivery left by our courier, you can contact us by telephone to schedule another delivery.
Contact the Logistics Service for more information or support and provide the shipping number that you will find in the shipping confirmation e-mail.
What if I get a damaged piece or product?
In the event of damaged goods, you shall provide the Logistics Service with the following documentation:
- Order Confirmation or Invoice indicating the value of the insured goods
- Carriage Letter / Shipping Document / CMR
- Declaration of the recipient indicating the damage to the goods or failure to deliver them
- Photos of the damaged goods and their packaging
- P.O.D. signed for acceptance with reservation.
Additional documentation may be required by insurers based on the type of claim.
The reservation should be specific, whereas possible, for example: broken / wet package etc.
For any hidden damage (intact or apparently not tampered but containing damaged goods) you will have:
7 days for international deliveries
8 days for national deliveries.
Which countries do you deliver to?
We ship to Italy and to all others European countries.
Shipping is free.
Contact our Customer Care for further information.